Creating positive life opportunities for children by strengthening
the family unit and its connection to their community.

“First Years for Families”

Wild Rose Community Connections provides an Early Intervention and Prevention in-home support service to families who profile as vulnerable and/or “at-risk”. The burdens and challenges facing the family may compromise the home environment and in turn, the healthy development of their young children during the critical years.

The “First Years for Families” program was initially modeled after the Hawaii Healthy Start program. The program serves families with children from pre-natal/birth to 6 years. FYFF is a free, voluntary program. Referrals can be self referrals or by others on the family’s behalf.

Parent Education, Support and Referrals

A Family Support Worker (FSW) works in the family home to help parents understand typical child development and match positive parenting strategies and strengthen the parent-child relationship. This also includes assisting both parents in developing a cohesive parenting approach to minimize conflicts. 

Families determine their goals and then work with the FSW on the skills needed to achieve them. Each family is respected for their unique strengths and challenges.

The FSW ensures families are linked to the supports and resources that best meet their immediate and future needs.

Marianne Dickson
Executive Director 
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